What makes Kudos different? We are not ignoring the fact that GDPR & privacy legislation will change data marketing in the UK forever. And that’s probably not a bad thing. Consumers need to control their Consent, their data and it’s usage. We are working with our Clients to provide future-proof Consent solutions.

Consent is becoming a prerequisite of doing business with your prospects and customers. Maximising opt-in rates will open up a new Marketing front that requires consent statements to undergo rigourous testing and roll-out processes. Consent requires segmentation and analysis – just like the rest of your Marketing campaigns. Our Preference Management Centre solution provides this functionality as well as centrally managing every individual’s preferences, permissions and consent.

The Preference Management Centre is used by the Canadian and UK governments, plus UK charities and commercial organisations. Contact Kudos for a free demonstration and see how we can improve your opt-in rates, whilst managing permissions and ensuring compliance.

The Preference Centre is a software solution designed to enable organisations to centralise your marketing permissions gathering and subsequent management. Consent-based marketing is the current “hot topic” as UK and EU GDPR legislation WILL change the way that every business communicates with customers and prospects. Add to this the best-practice recommendations from the Institute of Fundraising, ICO and the Direct Mail Association and you can see that the data-marketing landscape is on the cusp of wholesale change.

But not only is legislation changing – so is the Consumer’s attitude to Consent. If you don’t manage Consent and Pereferences properly, the Consumer in the near-future will not do business with you.

The Preference Centre is the solution required to future-proof your data marketing activities and ensure compliance.

The Preference Centre takes feeds from your legacy systems and manages your customer’s personal channel permissions. It handles contradictory consent, (ie a customer opts-in when talking to your call centre but opts-out on your website or to a piece of direct mail).

opt in

It enables product and channel-based permissions, (ie opt-in to newsletters by email but opt-out of direct mail sales offers, etc).

preference centre

In addition ‘The Preference Centre’ can generate standalone forms for consent gathering and handle email opt-out links from any system. Plus current permissions can be uploaded easily by administrators, even prospect records!

Multiple permission statements can be tested in groups with live reporting, enabling poor performing statements to be changed with a single click. Test, test again, then roll out different messages to different audience segments.

The Administration area gives you full reporting on your permission channels, areas and statements, allowing you to see at a glance the health of your customers.

opt in marketing

IMPORTANTLY, this is a web-based service that can be connected to by all your internal systems and applications (online and offline). It is a centralised solution that integrates with your infrastructure. You will change your infrastructure at some point but the Preference Centre will still maintain all your Preferences. Add a new API and your new system is now integrated! All Opt-in/Opt-out requests from your audience link directly into the Preference Centre, creating a complete time-stamped audit trail – irrespective of which system, channel or application the consent was taken. The Preference Centre can integrate into any current web based delivery system, removing the necessity to redevelop legacy systems or halt current migrations. AND IT ENSURES LEGISLATIVE AND BEST-PRACTICE COMPLIANCE.

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The Preference Centre is used by the Canadian and UK governments, plus UK charities and commercial organisations. Contact Kudos on 0330 043 1583 or email james.squires@kudos-data.com for a free demonstration and see how we can improve your opt-in rates, whilst managing permissions and ensuring compliance.