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Why does data need to be cleaned?

Why does data need to be cleaned? I would say there is four main reasons, the first one is if you’ve got the wrong address, you’ve got the wrong person on your database, you might not get paid so the most important thing is to make sure your data is cleaned, to ensure you get paid, get your invoices paid. If you’ve got the company name wrong, you’ve got the company address wrong, if you’ve got the contact wrong, you may be spending lots of time to get your bills paid.

The second one is the direct and indirect costs that are incurred through what we call dirty data, through not having your data hygiene. If you’re sending out marketing campaigns, you’re gonna be wasting costs directly be it postage, creative production etc,  because you may have duplication within the file so you’re actually sending the same information to the same person multiple times. The impact of that from a customers point of view is appalling, it makes your brand look awful that you put out the right brand message showing that they actually clean the data and that they have version of the individual in the database.

The fourth reason is for the insight and reporting. If you dont clean your data first then all of your reporting is going to be wrong how many customers have bought from you, well if you have duplication that’s going to be wrong, how much does a customer spend with you, well if you’ve got duplication that’s also going to be wrong, any kind of insight, any kind of analysis that you run, any kind of reporting that you run if you haven’t cleared any data first its clearly going to be wrong.

So four fundamental reasons why you should be cleaning your data,get your bills paid, get people to spend more with you, keep your brand looking good and make sure your reporting your analysis and insight is correct.