who's the typical user of Zoho One?

Who’s the typical user of Zoho One?

Whos the typical user of Zoho One? Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all customer, we have customers who are sole traders right the way through to blue-chip enterprise-size organizations. So why does an application suite contain 40+ applications fit every type of business from a sole trader right the way through to a blue-chip enterprise business? Well, it starts with how the agreement works in the first place and how the software works, its a SASS agreement which means you don’t need the technology, so its great product for a smaller sized organization, also the affordability of it.

Its approximately 30 pounds per month for the whole 40+ applications, that’s a pound a day. And that’s why an early smaller size organization its a perfect fit for them. But what it is is a scaleable product so it allows you to add in as many users as you need. Its completely configurable and it allows you to set different blueprints, different work process flows within their and allows you to integrate into many different ways. And that’s why from a scale-ability point of view as your business grows, Zoho One can grow with you as well.