What modules are available within FastStats?

What is FastStats?

What is FastStats? FastStats is basically a data insight, data mining tool that has been developed for marketers, not for programmers, not for statisticians and it also comes with a campaign management module so you are basically able to drill into to analyze the data, develop insights, segmentation, profiling and such like. And then actually deploy that knowledge, that information through multi-channel campaign management using the PeopleStage software module that comes with it.

The FastStats capability is huge it ranges from really, quite simple selections, so how many people in this area have I got through to really complicated propensity modelling decision trees, building scoring models, and such like. So, it really ranges from quite basic use right the way to lots of very complicated statistical type modeling. So, basically, you can choose the modules you need that fit you best, bolt those modules on and away you go. So, that in a nutshell is what FastStats is about it’s a fast counting, data analytical insights tool combined with campaign management.