what comes with zoho one?

What comes with Zoho One?

Well, a full suite of 40+ applications that you need to run your business which is contained in that suite of applications for you. So let me try to remember them for you we have Zoho CRM, one of the best customer record tools available to you, you have Zoho projects, we use Zoho Projects to manage all of our project implementations, and furthermore once that account moves into an account management phase, we use Zoho Desk to manage all that ticketing and communication from the client, the two the seamlessly integrate together and we can bring any of those different integrations from any application together to help save us time. So we can bring tasks across Zoho Projects to into Zoho CRM to control our diaries and agendas, we can set tasks and move those about, theirs Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Sales IQ, Zoho Creator, Motivator, theirs a number of different applications for different departments whether it be marketing, digital, sales, database there is a tool for you.