What can the Preference Centre do for you?

Preference Center makes Customer consent simple

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Are you looking for an easy and fully compliant way to manage customer marketing preferences, consent audits, and consent optimisation for your business? Please Click Here to find out more!

How can Preference Center help? 

Preference Center is Designed to help you be 100% data compliant

preference centreThe information landscape is still in flux as legislation catches up with technology and protecting the data rights of your customers is paramount for establishing your credibility as a business. Without the right tools, however, this can be complicated to manage.

Preference Centre gives one central, secure cloud platform to manage customer consent and marketing preferences. It’s 100% compliant for your customers, wherever they are globally and we commit to keeping it up to date as regulations change.

Designed to work with your existing tools

Integrate easily with the platforms you already use

Customer permissions data can also be gathered through connected forms or batch imported into the system by administratorsPreference Centre API Integration


preference management

Preference Centre Optimisation tools

Build trust by showing your customers that you understand them and that you value their privacy and contact preferences




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