What are the benefits of FastStats?

What are the Benefits of FastStats?

The first, probably biggest, benefit is the integration, the fact that it combines data analysis tools, data insight tools with campaign management, so rather than having to take data and insight from one system into another it is basically all integrated in so you can deploy the insight that you generate very quickly into the campaign management modules. Another big advantage of FastStats is the deployment of the system because it basically mirrors the current dataset or database that is used within your organization, it means deployment of FastStats system could be really rolled out quickly, the impact on your current infrastructure is fairly minor.

Another big advantage of FastStats is the data visualization tools that it comes with, it’s been designed for marketers to use not for technical people, not for programmers, statisticians, and the like. So, what that means is the interface is really simple to use for marketers and the data visualization tools that come within the product are particularly good. So, rather than just having lots of numbers and its data, you can actually see graphs, you can see cubes, you can do all kinds of things to visualize the data and then actually drill into it in order to run what we call train of thoughts analysis.

Another big advantage is multi-channel campaigns, of course, nowadays the world is run on numerous different communication channels social media, email, direct mail, telephone, call centers, it goes on and on and that list is growing, so the PeopleStage software that comes with FastStats, the campaign management part of the system, is actually multi-channel and allows you to create, manage, deploy, and even automate a number of those customer journeys across all of the different channels and customer touchpoints.

“And, lastly of course price, the price entirely dependent on the size of the system, the modules use and such. However, compared to other tools that are on the market the bank for the book from FastStats is a lot better than other products. So, that briefly is a summary of the benefits of FastStats.”