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What are the benefits of data clean up?

Managing Director Mark Robinson answers your questions

What are the benefits of data clean up?  I can answer that really quickly, there is four fundamental reasons the first one is cost, it saves you cost, if you’re sending the wrong information to the wrong individuals or the wrong companies then you are costing yourself money direct and indirect costs.

The second thing is brand values and that’s probably the hardest to actually quantify but the impact of sending a wrongly addressed or a wrongly named communication to a customer is really bad it makes your brand look appalling, third reason is really down to getting your bills paid if you’ve got the wrong person on your database, you’ve got the wrong individual or they have moved and you are trying to get them to pay the bill, well you cant chase them down because you dont know where they are and you’ve got the wrong information.

The fourth reasons is insight and reporting, its absolutely crucial that you know where your business is at what your metrics and your KPIs are, if you haven’t cleaned your data then all of your metrics all of your KPIs are going to be incorrect so really thats why you should be cleaning all your data.