advantages of using zoho one

What are the advantages of using Zoho One?

So what for me are the advantages of Zoho One? Well for me im a typical sales person, well what does that mean?  And what means is perhaps admin is not my number one focus, I will admit that. So why does Zoho One benefit me in my role? Well it benefits me because first of all form the moment I get the first contact with a customer i then register that lead within Zoho CRM and then from that moment everything is transparent and collaboratively worked across the different applications and across the different  divisions so when it comes to actually do that deal and signing that contract we use Zoho Sign, which comes directly out from the CRM tool and collaboratively and transparently allows the client and any other parties to be able to sign directly into that product.

Moving then into the next stage and handing that project over from my sales pipeline into the projects team and the project team pick that project up and run it through Zoho Projects, having full access to that and client access to that and allows us to be able to set and run the milestones and the task collaboratively with Zoho CRM. A the right point it triggers the invoicing through Zoho Books and allows our accounts team to invoice out as soon as a particular task during a project is complete and moving into where it becomes an account management phase, at that stage we use Zoho Desk and we manage all the incoming tickets through their which again integrates with other applications and allows that full auditable trail across the applications.