what are the advantages of using Zoho CRM?

What are the advantages of using Zoho CRM?

For me what are the advantages of using Zoho CRM? Well as the commercial director of my business there are a lot of advantages of Zoho CRM that probably aren’t first noticeable. It allows me to be able to add a huge element of configuration that simply just isn’t available in other products. If i want too i can create blueprint, blueprint benchmark guidelines, around particular opportunities or demand request set within Zoho CRM. What does that mean? It means if im busy, if im out on site, if im out on annual leave, i’ve already directed my team in terms of contractual length, mass maximum discount value, all that guidance is there for them contained within that particular opportunity or demand request and i can be confident that they are going out and delivering with what they need to deliver within the framework or blueprint that im asking them to deliver.

Another key component Zoho CRM is the workflow rules, so in the same way that i can create the blueprint around the job, i can also create the process that i want to see and what that will do is it will allow me to set best practice next stage actions, it will trigger email automation, it will trigger out moving into the next stage, whatever the next stage action needs to be from that sales pipeline it will allow for the tool Zoho CRM, to automatically trigger that action for you, that saves my team hours and hours of admin and trust me managing a team of salespeople who have their own challenges with admin its worth its weight in gold but it allows me to focus and give them a set of goalposts that they work within.