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Too much data privacy regulation too fast?

There was a recent article in InformationWeek that asked the question “Too Much Data Privacy Regulation Too Fast?”

Businesses Always Complain About The Cost of Legislation!

This article raises some pertinent questions about data privacy regulation and the costs and difficulties for businesses to comply, whether that be CCPA in the US, GDPR in Europe or any other privacy legislation around the world. Of course businesses complain about the cost of complying with legislation, they always do! Legislation that curtails a business’ ability to make profits without changing their business model will always be unpopular with the business! It also flies in the face of Cisco’s 2020 Data Privacy benchmark study which identified that for every $1 an organisation spends on privacy investments, they receive a $2.70 return on investment.


Let The Customer Choose

But that misses the point. The public is slowly coming to understand that Privacy legislation is a positive change that has been introduced for the consumer’s benefit. And because the consumer wants it. The public is jaded by junk mail, nuisance calls, spamming, Big Brother and all the other raping and pillaging of consumer’s data undertaken by business, WITHOUT PEOPLE’S CONSENT. They want it to change and they are already appreciating and valuing the brands that clearly give them choice and control. Our customers using the Cassie Privacy Management platform are reporting improved customer and prospect engagement, including a 26% reduction in opt-outs for Woodland Trust.


Increased Trust In Your Brand, Increased Customer Satisfaction & Engagement

Too many companies are still seeing Privacy legislation as a legislative and systems change. Yes compliance will require changes to your systems and processes to comply with the legislation. But that is far too simplistic and totally misses the MUCH BIGGER PICTURE – you need to change your way of thinking! Change your culture. View your customer as a person, not a data source that you can harvest! Build Privacy By Design into the fabric of your organisation. Let your customer decide whether they want you to share their web browsing with other companies. Let them decide how you should market to them, by which channels and what products/services they are interested in. Then you will have an appreciative, engaged customer (or prospect).


“I Agree” – But What Are You Agreeing To?

The article comments on the “user fatigue” faced by consumers under GDPR and the fact that almost everyone simply clicks “I Agree” when a cookie banner is displayed. In the UK that requirement is from PECR legislation and it states “You must tell people if you set cookies, and clearly explain what the cookies do and why. You must also get the user’s consent. Consent must be actively and clearly given”. The issue is that very few websites have complied with this – we ran a recent survey and identified that over 80% of websites dropped cookies (including tracking and other 3rd party cookies) onto the browser, WITHOUT FIRST REQUESTING CONSENT. These cookies should by law have been turned OFF as default and only dropped on if the person consents. Our Cassie Privacy Management Platform manages cookie deployment to the letter of the law. So a person who simply clicks “I Agree” is agreeing to the default setting of NO 3RD PARTY COOKIES. And that is the way it should be – the default is privacy but a person can change this if they are happy to share their data with other companies.

Cassie Privacy Management Platform

Cassie is currently used by organisations around the world, in 36 languages, totaling 165 million worldwide customer records with 2.4 billion preferences and making 2.5 million updates EVERY DAY!

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