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Mail or Email?

Contrary to popular rumour, print isn’t dying out – but the Publishing industry (both B2B and B2C) is changing fast to keep up with increased online competition. Publishers are taking proactive steps to connect with new audiences and explore new revenue sources. And this has meant new channels to market, new approaches and new strategies to maintain engagement and build loyalty.
The same applies to the catalogue industry – all change! Again, this means adoption of new channels and a much more joined-up, integrated approach to prospecting and loyalty.
And then there’s GDPR from May 2018 which will severely limit prospecting activities, particularly by email and telephone as specific opt-in will be required. The industry hopes that the ICO will allow mail marketing to be carried out under the “legitimate interest” clause however, (meaning opt-out).
All this suggests that printed catalogues and publications will see increased growth, in conjunction with electronic channels. An integrated, multi-channel approach produces stronger results than focussing on one channel.
The Royal Mail has just released research into Mail and Email. And it tells us what we have all known all along – when used in conjunction they produce better results than when either medium is used on their own. The research also found that mail triggers various actions, including driving people to connect with businesses online. As a result of receiving mail:
·      86% have connected with a business
·      54% have engaged in social media
·      43% have downloaded something
Above all, mail creates stronger emotional engagement between sender and recipient, with 57% of people saying that receiving mail makes them feel more valued.

All this means that targeting target marketyour audience and growing your circulations will become even more of a necessity to maintain ROI in the future. And that is why Kudos work with such a wide range of Publishers and Cataloguers.
Kudos excel in sourcing niche and specialist prospect lists, both B2B and B2C, from all over the world. We negotiate net names, lease agreements and ensure we source your new customers at the best possible rates.
Kudos are one of the first agencies to pass the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) list broker compliance audit (click here for details ) We vet our suppliers and run a comprehensive Due Diligence audit prior to data on-boarding to confirm that data supplied is compliant. We can provide advice as well as ensuring your data is suitable AND compliant! Plus we provide GDPR consultancy and a compliant consent management solution called The Preference Centre.

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