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processing data with Zoho

Processing data with Zoho

“Of course, using Kudos we also managed to buy the data from them as well and of course, that’s really important for us. Because we have a remote telesales person who phones out from the data, it’s integrated completely into the system, when he/she makes an appointment with the customer she puts straight into the […]

Is zoho one any good? | Kudos Data Solutions

Is Zoho One any good?

Right the million-dollar question, is Zoho One any good? Well, the answer to that is yes, it really is there is nothing comparable on the market that even comes close with the kind of price. Zoho One suite gives you over 40 applications to run every part of your business and the cost is just […]

What apps are included in Zoho One?

What is Zoho One?

So what is Zoho One? Zoho One is a suite of applications, those applications are everything you need to run your business regardless of size, small, medium all the way up to enterprise level. Whats contained in that suite of products is over 40 applications, those applications are everything you need for every department of […]