Is Zoho One a CRM?
Is Zoho One a CRM? Well essentially yes, one of the procuts contianed or one of the applications contianed within the Zoho suite is a CRM, a customer record management tool, however Zoho One is so much more, Zoho CRM is the CRM tool but there are another 40+ appliacations that fit in the Zoho [...] READ MORE
Is Zoho One better than Salesforce?
Our Commercial Director James Squires answers your questions Is Zoho One better than Salesforce? "I suppose i am a little bit biased as the commercial director of Kudos Data Solutions we chose to use Zoho CRM and infact Zoho the full suite first of all the fundamental differences between Zoho and Salesforce are the price, [...] READ MORE
what is zoho one?
What is Zoho One?

It Costs £1 Per Day Per Employee To Run Your Entire Business Infrastructure With Zoho. Yes, Really! At Kudos, we continue to be amazed at just how good the Zoho SAAS business management suite really is. We migrated to Zoho seven years ago and it’s scaleability means it has grown with us. Our CRM is […]