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Can FastStats do Modelling and Profiling?

Yes absolutely it can, the modeling module that comes with FastStats has been designed to enable marketers and not statisticians to build really complicated, complex, statistically robust models so that might be PWE modeling maybe decision trees using Chi squares. It would build profiling models, we build scoring models, propensity models, and such as using […]

What are the benefits of FastStats?

What are the Benefits of FastStats?

The first, probably biggest, benefit is the integration, the fact that it combines data analysis tools, data insight tools with campaign management, so rather than having to take data and insight from one system into another it is basically all integrated in so you can deploy the insight that you generate very quickly into the […]

How effective is FastStats?

Is FastStats easy to use?

Is FastStats easy to use? Its a question we often get, the answer, clearly, is yes. The product being developed for marketers to use it is not being built such as SAS or SPSS or a number of the other products on the market for statisticians, mathematicians, technical programmers and the like. So, the whole […]