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Suppression files, why are they important to the Data Hygiene process?

Suppression files why are they important to the data hygiene process? Arguably suppression files are one of the most important parts of the whole process, some of the suppression files in the UK its actually a legal requirement to screen any calling files that you may be running through so prospects or customers that you may want to call they need to be screened against the TPS (the telephone preference scheme). If you’re mailing then you need to be running your files against the mailing preference scheme.

Both of the TPS & the MPS files are legal requirements that you need to screen your records against, so if you’re calling customers or calling prospects you must by law be screening those files against those datasets. There are other suppression files as well which are really best practice, a perfect example of that are the various mover files so when an individual and indeed a business moves address that record of the information can be recorded on the database so we then hold that information, so we can take a customers database identify that the address you have on record is actually the old address and then we can provide the new address assuming the individual has consented to that obviously of GDPR. An even worse example of not screening against your files would be if you’re sending communications to someone who is unfortunately deceased or even worse sending it to a deceased persons widow or widower, so matching your files, removing the records who were no longer there apart from the obvious impact onto you as part of an orgnaisation of cost its just best practice and really keeps you and your brand looking ontop of things knowing where youre at.

So at Kudos our suppression file processing is a big part of what we do, we hold various data sets which are nationally available which now total just half a billion records they are people who have died, who have moved address who has basically not consented to be contacted and don’t want to be included. All of those records, all half a billion of them, some of them will probably be in your database and so the requirement to match your database to those suppression files, remove the individual companies, who were no longer there is absolutley crucial part of maintaining your brand and really giving your customers a good experience.