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Research Team Expands Due to Customer Demand

Kudos Data Solutions has recruited 2 new members to the ever-growing Research team. Chloe Baines and Tyne Sarson showed the necessary diligence and ability to think their way out of a problem – skills that many people do not have!

Research Director, Nicky Gill, commented “We have to deliver such a wide range of projects across so many different sectors that it is vital we have the right people on the team. We insist on a combination of dedication, hard work and creative thinking and I am very happy that Tyne and Chloe clearly demonstrated their abilities”

The Research team have provided diverse project solutions such as updating of contact details on customer profile analysis; sourcing Head Office address and tax details for Corporations around the world; building a database of UK Solar Farms and Waste Disposal sites with latitude/longitude and capacity details; capturing the rateable value of commercial properties in the Pub sector; enhancing Republic of Ireland addresses with Eircodes.

Nicky continued “My research team pride ourself on delivering the highest possible accuracy for our clients. We tend to get involved once all the usual avenues have been exhausted – that is when a client has realised that the data set or piece of information they want just is not available on the market, whether that be a list, a database or a field. We will then research the requirement and deliver a solution that is economical, accurate and fit for purpose”

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