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Did you know that (for properties without a water meter), water companies calculate your water bill based on a calculation involving the “rateable value”? Properties with a high rateable value will pay more than properties with a low value. If two neighbouring properties have been assigned different rateable values, they will have different water bills. This applies to domestic and commercial water bills. So if your commercial property RV has been over-estimated (and many of them are), you will pay too much in business rates and too much for your utility charges!


clean all the dAtAKudos have worked with the Rateable Value (RV) database for over 10 years, providing leads, data processing, enhancements and insight for many clients across various sectors. We take the Commercial RV raw data directly from the Government and regularly rebuild the database so that we have a full audit trail of changes, updates and amendments for every business property in the country. Unfortunately, the Government does not use PAF or other address-validation software so the quality of the raw address data is appalling! We do a lot of data cleaning!

But once completed, we hold some really interesting & unique data, used by the Government to make the RV calculation. This includes:

•  Floor area
•  Usage & description of each area
•  Number of & description of floor usage
•  Car park size and number of spaces
•  etc

Now imagine what can be done with a bit of lateral thinking! If you provide commercial kitchen-based services, we can identify 418,000 commercial buildings with a kitchen area. Sanitation products? We can tell you how many toilet or shower areas are in a building. Selling rock-salt? We can tell you the businesses with a car park and how many spaces they have. PPE Equipment? Here are all the businesses with a manufacturing/distribution/warehouse area and the square meterage of each. Etc.
Now imagine how you could improve your targeting by appending that information to your customer or prospect database…
We also take RV appeals and revaluations. So we can identify where a property RV has changed or is in the process of being appealed by the business. This means that our clients can contact customers and re-price their services, if they are based on the rateable value.
And everything can be drilled down to focus on a specific sector. Commercial rateable values were last updated in 2015 and went live in April 2017. The new values were significantly different to previously. For one commercial Sports TV provider, Kudos modelled the impact of the new RV across the UK Pubs and Clubs sector, enabling our client to forecast the impact on their business and to amend their pricing structure where necessary.


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Another client provides “no win, no fee” cost reduction services to SME’s. A quick win is often to appeal and reduce the rateable value of your property and any RV-related utilities. Kudos study the normal distribution of our database and apply insight, enabling us to identify businesses who have an RV that is outside of the norm, based on the property characteristics and usage.



These are just a few examples of how the creative use and analysis of a database can help our clients. To find out more about Kudos Data Solutions and our Data, Systems & GDPR services, please click here or give James Squires a call on 0330 043 1593 or email james.squires@kudos-data.com