Preference for Compliance Teams

data compliance preference centreNavigate and master data compliance


Looking for a secure and reliable data compliance management tool which is simple, granular and fully auditable?


Introducing Preference Centre

Designed to address your challenges


legislative requirementsUp to date with legislative requirements

Compliant with GDPR, PECR and more,  Preference Centre will ensure that you are up-to-date with regulatory obligations relating to consent.


get ahead of changeGet ahead of change

As legislation changes to catch up with technology, we work tirelessly to prepare for any upcoming regulatory updates. Preference Centre updates automatically, giving you one less thing to worry about, wherever in the world you do business.


data granualityIndustry-leading data granularity

Preference Centre has been designed to offer consent audits to the highest level of granularity, removing concerns about ambiguity for data compliance officers.


Best practice consent management

High level data granularity and everything in one place


sleep easySleep easy

Between legacy data and multiple systems creating data duplication challenges, trying to manage consent within your organisation can feel like an insurmountable challenge at times.

Through Preference Centre, every consent is managed and audited on a secure central platform: from statements to cookies, and including any legacy data. Take the headache out of ongoing preference management and subject access requests. Simple, easy to integrate and customisable to fit in with your company’s branding.


Platform security

The only consent management platform accredited by the UK Home Office for its security


Security is deeply embedded into our culture. Our hosting partner is the only UK business to have a cloud solution audited by the UK Government, we are proud of their security heritage and know-how that they bring to consent management.

data compliance centre managementSecurity should be by design, not as an afterthought, and Preference Centre is just one example of the highly secure environments that we provide for businesses. Our hosting partner is accredited to operate via AWS by The Home Office in the UK.

• Cyber essentials certificate no QGCE445
• License to Operate by UK Home Office (following proved audit & pen test)
• Annually tested

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