Preference Centre for Senior Management

Data compliancy to deliver ROI

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Remove risk from your business with a proven solution created by experts in consent management. Increase the likelihood that customers will remain engaged with your business by using a solution which encourages consent, transparency and prospect conversion optimisation.


Introducing our B2B Preference Centre

Designed to address your challenges


fast turnaroundFast turnaround and fixed costs

Remove project delays and internal resource bottlenecks by opting for a solution which gives you compliancy, integrating with your existing infrastructure with a fixed known cost.


maximum data securityMaximum data security

Get peace of mind with a cloud service with the highest audited level of security.  Preference Centre platform is trusted by Governments internationally for critical data storage.


improved customer retentionImproved customer retention

Designed to track performance of opt-in stages throughout your customer journey and help improve your marketing team to measurably improve customer opt-ins.


A managed service for your preference data

A secure, cost efficient compliance solution for enterprises


join our global business communityJoin our global business community

Our B2B Preference Centre is relied upon by companies across the globe to provide one version of the truth across all of their data touchpoints. Easy to implement, it removes the complexity of updating or migrating from your existing systems. Join a community of international users who trust our highly secure service to manage their consent and preference requirements with no headaches.

Cost-effective and proactive

Designed from a marketing perspective, Preference Centre’s transparency encourages your customers to stay opted in, increasing the value of your data, whilst flexible packages mean you are in control of your ongoing costs.

As your trusted partner, we will keep Preference Centre in line with relevant regulatory changes so that your teams can focus on their key tasks without having to keep one eye on legislation.


More than just compliance

Consent gathering that rewards your bottom line


preference centre opt insThis is about more than marketing effectiveness: under the GDPR, companies are under a stronger obligation to assure the currency and accuracy of personal data under their control.

To make the most of the opportunities that the GDPR brings and to avoid getting caught out by future updates to privacy legislation, organisations must aim beyond basic compliance. By proactively monitoring and improving consent mechanisms, taking control of third-party relationships, and regaining control over internal data processes, businesses can gain distinct competitive advantages through internal efficiencies and increased customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty.

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