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 Multi channel campaign automation

Kudos and Apteco PeopleStage

To stay competitive, marketers need campaign automation software that allows them to create timely, personalised, event-driven communications. Today’s digital world requires a multi-channel approach that includes email, SMS, social media, mobile push, customer reviews, online advertising, CRM solutions and web analytics, as well as traditional channels such as contact centres and direct mail. Apteco PeopleStage enables you to define your marketing communications using an intuitive, zoomable interface that is shared with all of your colleagues and executes continuous multi-wave campaigns.Faststats


Using marketing process flow diagrams, Apteco PeopleStage allows your entire team to map out marketing campaigns so that:

  • Automate and coordinate multi-channel, multi-stage, event-driven marketing communications.

  • All messages are highly personalised.

  • Truly omni-channel campaigns are created via integrations with key marketing channel genres.

  • Collect feedback from every stage of every campaign to enable you to identify which messages and activities have generated lift.

  • Manage and record the details of every interaction with every client for even further analysis.

  • Utilise the results to fine tune your campaigns.

  • Template campaigns for reuse, minimising the time to launch.

  • Apply multi-level communication frequency, concurrency and cost constraints.

  • Campaign steps can be triggered via your chosen digital and social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, AdWords and many email service providers.

  • Use live data resources for immediate engagement with new prospects.

Campaign planning made easy

The Apteco PeopleStage visual planning tools make your campaign creation and management simple and intuitive, meaning it’s incredibly easy for your team to get started with multi channel marketing campaigns, and to track progress. The results of each campaign are collected automatically. This data can then be easily analysed in detail to identify additional opportunities, or aspects of the campaign that could be improved for greater success.