Need KYC/Identity Verification?

Kudos are proud to announce the addition of new countries in every continent to our Identity Verification portfolio. (Well, not quite – even we cannot find a robust dataset for Antarctica!) This brings the total to over 65 countries. Samples can be provided at no charge and we can manage Proof of Concept projects as well as full roll-out and monthly updates.

What makes Kudos different? Well, we built our business on sourcing the right data for Clients. We know the markets, the players, the movers and the shakers. We also know the sharks to steer clear of! And we have a proven due diligence process for on-boarding data partners.

Kudos are system-agnostic! We work with all Identity Verification/KYC system providers to lend our experience in the data-sourcing world. We also work directly for a Tier 1 Bank and other end-clients. We identify and test various datasets in each country, manage the long-list process and refine this to a short-list which is then used for Proof of Concept processing within the KYC environment. Then we negotiate hard on the client’s behalf for roll-out and manage all data supplies to the client or KYC providers.

Why use Kudos? KYC system suppliers know their systems. But they are not data sourcing experts – that is our job! We research each market in the world, we talk to each supplier, we understand their data and sources. We do due diligence. And then we negotiate on your behalf. We also manage the data supplies, updates and Client/Supplier liason. All for a fixed fee per country.

Kudos have developed a proven, robust process for Know Your Customer data sourcing. We have also developed a worldwide network of data partners. If you need KYC datasets, we have the experience, knowledge, partner network and processes to deliver your requirements and ensure your compliance.

We provide global data sourcing services to Tier 1 Banks and other organisations who are required to undertake KYC  processes. Whilst there are numerous service providers in this space, they are predominantly system-based suppliers who are also sourcing the datasets (often through Kudos!) Our entire business is based around data and data sourcing – we are the experts in this field, not the jack-of-all-trades!

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