Marketing Permissions – post Brexit

The view of all commentators seems unanimous that Brexit will have little impact on the UK adoption of GDPR compliance. To continue working with EU countries, the UK will have to have comparable data protection legislation. Yet many companies appear to be delaying planning for the big change.

This seems short-sighted to me as it is viewing the situation from a legislative aspect. If you look at it from the consumer’s aspect, surely it is obvious that an individual should have control over their marketing permissions and how a company uses their data?

Obtaining consent MUST become the first objective in any prospecting acquisition process. No consent = no contact. So stop thinking of consent as an annoying box to tick (or not tick)! You need to manage your permission statements to ensure you obtain the highest levels of consent – this means testing different wording and different creatives. You need to easily measure the consent levels of different approaches, test new approaches and roll out the best (banker) statements. Sounds familiar? Yes it’s the age-old direct marketing approach!

Kudos have been working with the Institue of Fundraising and fastMAP on the future of Preference Management and how to prepare for it – both culturally and infrastructure-wise. Our Preference Centre system provides the ability to manage an individual’s multiple preferences, across channels and products and to radically change your approach to Preference management and marketing.

Kudos are providing free consultancy on Consent and Preference Marketing. The changes that are required are substantial, both from a cultural aspect and process/infrastructure. Systems and procedures must be amended to become compliant. More importantly, marketer’s attitudes and approach to Consent marketing must change. Rapidly! Below are some key points:

1) Legislation will have a major impact. But the awareness and reducing tolerance of the Consumer means that you MUST comply with consumer requests;

2) Consent Marketing must become like every other aspect of Marketing – targeted, segmented, tested, analysed, rolled-out;

3) You need to create a Consent Journey. Just like the Customer Journey, this must be optimised for different customer segments;

4) You need to introduce Granular Consent. Imagine a matrix of all your channels and all your products. Now you need Consent for each cell in the matrix;

5) Introduce Preference Holidays. Give the customner the option of opting-out for an agreed period (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) rather than forever;

6) Infrastructure – you need to either make huge amends to ALL your internal systems or implement a centralised Preferences Management solution that enables all of the above.

If you would like more information on our Preference Centre, please visit here This solution is used by the UK and Canadian Governments, plus a number of commercial organisations and charities to ensure GDPR compliance and centralised Consent Management. It also enables statement testing, segmentation, analysis and deployment.

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