kyc verification universe

What is the KYC Verification Universe?

So, what do we mean when we talk about a KYC Verification Universe? Well, what we mean is, we mean that we at Kudos try to create the biggest data set available for our clients, to be able to identity verify or best match an identity verify their customers against. And to give you the best chance of doing that we need to give you the biggest universe available.

So, how do we create these universes? Well, what we do is we aggregate, we bring together many different data sets and at the start what we typically do is we build a core of publicly available trusted data sets, and by that we are talking about edited electoral roles, land registry, directors at home and many many more. And beyond that we then supplement and aggregate in over niche datasets to support this and give that full universe.Examples of why we may do that,we may want to bring in the past ten years edited electoral roles into that database that can give us a 10 year historical view of that individual, we may want to bring clubs and societies data in there, so if I am a legal secretary of a tennis club, then I can actually declare and provide that information through to the organisation and it can be validated and verified through that identity verification process.

And finally, we may typically bring in specific business databases where we can actually track the individual at home, the individual in his clubs and societies but also the individual with his business hat on, his directors role and that we we can join up and find that full identity of that individual through the KYC verification universe.

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