KYC database sourced in 60+ countries

Kudos are proud to announce the addition of new countries in every continent, (well, not quite – even we cannot find a robust KYC database for Antarctica!) bringing the total to over 60 countries. We have undertaken detailed supplier due diligence, reviewed data sources and negotiated rates with our suppliers. Samples can be provided at no charge and we can manage Proof of Concept projects as well as full roll-out and monthly updates.

We provide data sourcing services to Banks and oher financial organisations who are required to undertake KYC (Know Your Customer) database processes. Whilst there are numerous service providers in this space, they are predominantly system-based suppliers who are also sourcing the datasets (often through Kudos!) Our entire business is based around data and data sourcing – we are the experts in this field, not the jack-of-all-trades!

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