The financial industry around the world is continuing to face regulatory pressure regarding Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Compliance with AML and Know Your Customer KYC requires robust processes and infrastructure – it also requires extensive data resources! And this is where Kudos Data Solutions excels.

Mark Robinson, Managing Director, commented “We are proud to be the Global Data Sourcing Partner for one of the biggest international Banks in the world, helping them to ensure compliance with the legislation. We are hugely experienced at sourcing gobal identity verification datasets (consumer and business) for our clients.

What’s more, Kudos are system-agnostic! We work with all KYC system providers to lend our experience in the data-sourcing world. We identify and test various datasets in each country, undertake due diligence, manage the long-list process and refine this to a short-list which is then used for Proof of Concept processing within the KYC environment. Then we negotiate hard on the client’s behalf for roll-out and manage all data supplies to the client or KYC supplier”.

Kudos have developed a proven, robust process for Know Your Customer KYC data sourcing and on-boarding, utilising an extensive worldwide network of data partners. If you need KYC datasets, Kudos have the experience, knowledge, partner network and processes to deliver your requirements and ensure your compliance.

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