Is zoho one better than salesforce?

Is Zoho One better than Salesforce?

I suppose i am a little bit biased as the commercial director of Kudos Data Solutions we chose to use Zoho CRM and infact Zoho the full suite first of all the fundamental differences between Zoho and Salesforce are the price, the price (of Zoho) is a third of the price of Salesforce on a typical installation, the suite of products that come with Zoho is the second main benefit as to why we chose Zoho One, and ill give you an example of that our accounts team use Zoho Books, our projects team use Zoho Projects, our operations team use Zoho Desk our data team and our sales team use Zoho CRM, Zoho sign etc etc. All of those products link together and allow us to share that documentation across the different departments, transparently with a full audit trail. So for me our business requirement was to have an integrated solution that joined up all of the working parts of our business. And Zoho CRM was the only CRM tool that can offer us that with the suite if application tools that came with it. It just so happens that is was the third of the price as well.