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Is Zoho One any good?

Right the million-dollar question, is Zoho One any good? Well, the answer to that is yes, it really is there is nothing comparable on the market that even comes close with the kind of price. Zoho One suite gives you over 40 applications to run every part of your business and the cost is just £30 per user, per month and it really does run all your business requirements, so including sales, marketing, finance, social media, inventory management, stock control, support desk, HR, expenses and lots, lots more, the full list can be found on our website. And because Zoho One is a service it means all the hosting costs and support costs are also included in the £30 a month, so there is nothing else that is comparable.

The other thing with Zoho One that is well worth looking into are the workflows and processes that can be created. So, for example, you can create a workflow that would not allow a salesperson to offer more than 10 percent discount without prior approval by thier director if that’s one of your business rules. If you have a work process that is in your organization that says you can’t raise an invoice without a purchase order then the system can be set up to ensure that never happens, so if you try and raise an invoice, no purchase order, the system will basically flag it up as an issue and you will have to go and sort the process out, so it really does everything you need it too, it lets you police and control the business and it incomparable, if you would like a free trial, please give us a ring, give us a shout, send us an email and well be happy to help set up a free trial with Zoho One.