How effective is FastStats?

Is FastStats easy to use?

Is FastStats easy to use? Its a question we often get, the answer, clearly, is yes. The product being developed for marketers to use it is not being built such as SAS or SPSS or a number of the other products on the market for statisticians, mathematicians, technical programmers and the like. So, the whole point of FastStats is that your typical user a non IT person can basically move into the system, can drag, drop, point, click, there are wizards to enable you to do more complex things, but the whole thing is very graphical its all about actually interacting with the data, understanding the data and analysing the data.

It doesn’t require programming, you don’t need sequel skills, you don’t need SAS or SPSS knowledge and you don’t need to be a statistician or a mathematician to use it. It has really been designed for what we call train of thought analysis, which as a marketer is the way you typically would go, you may build some cubes and create a table, maybe you might want to then drill into table and actually drag out a particular segment or a particular group of individuals or customers and then carry on analysing them so as you come up with a thought or a concept you can then drill straight into the data and actually look into that theory or that concept and see whether the data supports it. So, its a really simple to use product it’s designed for marketers, it’s not designed for technical people.