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How much does Zoho One Cost?

So the big question, how much does Zoho One actually cost?

“Well you will be pleased to know its one of the cheapest CRM tools on the market, never mind the other 40+ applications you get as part of the entire business suite. You can run the entire business suite for £30 a month a pound a day gives your every tool you need for your business, CRM tools, accounting and books tools, project tools, Sales IQ, creator, Zoho Books, Zoho Desk, Zoho Projects, i could go on but id probably forget them all. The key for me is its a SASS agreement and what does that actually mean? Well software as a service means that you dont actually need any hardware, you dont need any major changes to your infrastructure. In-fact you can go out today and you go and place an order for Zoho, and you can have it this afternoon, a pound a day.