How does zoho one improve collaboration?

How does Zoho One improve collaboration?

Well it improves collaboration everyday and it has done ever since we put Zoho into our business. As one of the sales team I enter every new inquiry that we receive as a business into Zoho CRM, that enables me to transparently share all the information about the my pipeline to the rest of the business, they dont have to come to me and ask. By placing it into Zoho CRM we manage that sales process all the way through to contractual signing and at that point we use an integrated application called Zoho Sign, one of the other products sit within the Zoho suite. And what that allows us to do is share from the application out to the client, and we able to set the priorities and the order in which we are able to take those signatures for that client. We bring that back into the Zoho CRM tool and everything is held against the job. Once weve got that signed off, we hand it over to our project delivery team, they use Zoho Projects to manage that project through. Zoho Projects links back to Zoho CRM, it allows only Zoho CRM only operatives to be able to understand where that projects up too. But Zoho projects allows to give client access and supplier access and work completely transparently and collaboratively with everybody involved in the project.

As we hit various milestones within that project, it automatically triggers out to Zoho Books, which is our accounting tool and our accounts team are then able to invoice out of Zoho Books, so again thinking about that productivity and collaborative effort around that collaborative effort around our business, used to be that we would send Skype for business messages 0to each other, or text messages or emails, now we dont. So, that is how does zoho improve collaboration.

Everything triggers the automation within the system which allows for that natural step process to happen, once that project finishes we migrate the client to onto Zoho Desk which is our inbound ticketing service, again that links through to Zoho CRM and it allows us to manage the workload across the business.