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How Does Kudos Support Clients With KYC?

So, how does Kudos typically support our clients with KYC data? Well, for us it’s all about the quality of that data first and foremost, so there are a number of different ways we can provide that data to an organisation, but let’s start by talking first of all about the data. And the first thing typically we are asked to do by our clients is provide the biggest universe available to them, to be able to verify that individual and identity verify them against the data set.

So, what do we look to do? Well, first of all we look to aggregate different data sets together in order to be able to bring together the biggest universe that is possible for our clients. Where do we start? Well, we start with the trusted publicly available files, so we look for things like the edited electoral roll, land registry directors at home databases, and the first thing they were trying to do is build a foundation to the KYC datasets from publicly available trusted sources of information and from there we are able to support with niche and complementary datasets. And what does that look like, well, quite often we have requests from our customers to be able to provide historical data into that view, that universe for you so they can look historically at previous addresses and therefore we bring in historical data often up to 10 years that historical data goes back to that is able to trace that individual and ensure that the identity verification process is as smooth as possible.

We are also able to bring in other unique data sets such as clubs and societies data sets so if I as an individual am trying to identify myself with a business I might be saying that not only is this my position, my home, this is also the club that I am a legal club secretary for, and then finally we may also try to bring in a business universe and create a linkage so that actually then we can identify not only the individual as a person, we can bring in any clubs and societies information typically into that, but we can also then relate that to his business identity as well.

“So, there is no one size fits all when it comes to building a KYC data set for a customer it really depends on their specification, their requirements and our expertise in order to be able to aggregate that best universe for them.

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