GDPR – Bring Some Order To The Chaos

GDPR Compliance: Bring Some Order To The Chaos

The level of confusion surrounding GDPR and what it means for businesses seems to be growing as the deadline of May 25th approaches. At Kudos, we are proud to be providing GDPR consultancy and compliance technology across sectors including Charities, Government, Regulators, Vehicle Dealerships (consumer and commercial), Information Technology, Publishing, Financial Services and many more – both B2B and B2C practitioners.


gdpr complianceToo many companies are still seeing GDPR compliance as a legislative and systems change. Yes GDPR will require new systems and processes to comply with the legislation. But that is far too simplistic and misses the MUCH BIGGER PICTURE. If you agree with our positive vision of GDPR but are struggling with implementing your compliance plans, or confused over which of the 6 legal bases for processing to apply, or losing the will to live due to Privacy Impact Assessments, Legitimate Impact Assessments, Privacy and Data Usage Policies – contact Kudos. Let us bring some order to the chaos!


GDPR Compliance Means Cultural Change

organisational cultureGDPR means the way you do business with your customers and prospects changes completely. It means more openness about what your business does with a person’s data. It means putting the consumer in control – they decide what you do with their data. No longer can you (the business) hide behind wishy-washy, tenuous legal speak, hidden away in the bowels of your T&C’s.

The public need to understand that GDPR is a positive change that has been introduced for the consumer’s benefit. The public is jaded by junk mail, nuisance calls and spamming. They want it to change and they will appreciate and value the brands that clearly give them choice and control. The recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle has raised consumer awareness even more. To quote the ICO “Doing consent well should put individuals in control, build customer trust and engagement, and enhance your reputation”

GDPR Compliance – A Positive Vision

Consumers will appreciate and value the brands that clearly give them choice and control. If done well, those brands will then generate a higher level of engagement and loyalty from theadvice and help customer/supporter/stakeholder base. By opting in, (or by not opting-out of Legitimate Interests!) a consumer is showing the highest level of interest in your cause, product or organisation. That is gold-dust! It is the best way to do a value segmentation of all consumers who touch your brand in some way – if they opt in, they are interested and you should focus your effort on them. So whilst GDPR will result in a smaller active customer/supporter/stakeholder base than pre-GDPR, the base will be of higher engagement and probably higher value than the current average. That means lower campaign and admin costs and higher responses. That equals improved ROI. And that is a good thing for all involved.

The Preference Centre

gdpr complianceOur GDPR-compliant technology does much than simply store preferences! The technology has a powerful application platform interface (API). The capability to push and pull preference data into other application platforms makes the Preference Centre the lowest cost method of allowing for enterprise preference management, with direct consumer access to the data.
In addition, Preference Centre can generate stand-alone forms for permission gathering and handle email opt-out links from any system. Plus current permissions can be uploaded easily by administrators.

Permission statements can be tested in groups with live reporting, enabling poor performing statements to be amended or removed with a single click.
The administration area gives you full reporting on your permission channels, areas and statements, allowing you to see at a glance the health of your supporters/customers.
Connect to the web-service with any email or customer relationship management (CRM) system, and query for single records or whole permission groups, allowing both individual and multiple updates. See here for more details.

Become A Trusted Brand

Data retailKudos are working hard to make our clients become the trusted brands in the post GDPR world. The Preference Centre is used by  Regulators to manage the national Fundraising Preference Service. It is used by governments, plus numerous charities and commercial organisations, both UK and international. We believe there is no better recommendation of the solution than it’s user base!


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