Further to the thought-provoking IOF/fastMAP Fundraising DNA event last week, Kudos are providing free consultancy to the Charity sector on Consent and Preference Marketing.

We have received requests from various Charities, so we are offering a free consultancy session to all involved, regarding the GDPR legislation changes and how to be prepared. The changes that are required are substantial, both from a cultural aspect and process/infrastructure. Systems and procedures must be amended to become compliant. More importantly, Fundraiser’s attitudes and approach to Consent marketing must change. Rapidly! Below are some key points:

1) Legislation will have a major impact. But the awareness and reducing tolerance of the Consumer means that you MUST comply with Supporter requests;
2) Consent Marketing must become like every other aspect of Marketing – targeted, segmented, tested, analysed, rolled-out;
3) You need to create a Consent Journey. Just like the Supporter Fundraising Journey, this must be optimised for different Supporter segments;
4) You need to introduce Granular Consent. Imagine a matrix of all your channels and all your Fundraising products. Now you need Consent for each cell in the matrix;
5) Introduce Preference Holidays. Give the Supporter the option of opting-out for an agreed period (3 months, 6 months, 12 months);
6) Infrastructure – you need to either make huge amends to ALL your internal systems or implement a centralised Preferences Management solution that enables all of the above.

If you would like more information on the Preference Centre, please visit here This solution is used by the UK and Canadian Governments, plus a number of commercial organisations to ensure compliance and centralised Consent Management. It also enables statement testing, segmentation, analysis and deployment.

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