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faststats excelsiorMarketing data analysis and customised reporting software

You already know how to use Excelsior

Reporting on your marketing data is an essential part of delivering a healthy return on investment from marketing. Although Apteco FastStats provides a native suite of reporting and analysis tools, some analysts are more familiar with data manipulation using Microsoft Excel.

FastStats Excelsior allows you to build custom reports configured to your business needs, and share the results with your colleagues. Because Excelsior unites Excel and Apteco FastStats, the resulting reports are even more powerful than either tool used alone.

FastStats Excelsior dashboard reporting;

excelsior Allows for instant refresh of Excel-based reports.

faststats excelsior Ensures only authorised users can view or refresh Excel-based reports.

faststats Provides interfaces that allow data to be drawn from multiple information stores for even greater insight.

Empower your whole team

Excelsior is the perfect choice for low-cost report creation, allowing non-technical users to refresh reports with the latest information and to derive additional value from your marketing data.

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