The Suppression Screening Portal

Over half a billion deceased, goneaway and home mover records available in one simple-to-use portal. At the best rates available.




As part of our drive for improved data quality and conformance with legislation, we have introduced The Kudos Screening Portal. We have partnered with the leading suppression file providers in the UK to provide a single portal, offering all suppression screening services in one place. Simply upload a file and check the tick-boxes for the suppressions you require. We will then send you an audit report showing volumes and costs. Only when you accept the costs and volumes you require will we proceed with the suppressions and then raise an invoice.

Please note that the Kudos Screening Portal uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology to encrypt all data transmissions between your device and our servers. We also use AES 256 encryption plus a dedicated firewall.


In line with the Direct Marketing Association’s drive for the highest standards and a responsible approach to data-driven marketing, the compliance audit has been introduced to provide additional assurance to brands like yours and to reinforce the importance of only working with DMA member companies.

Rachel Aldighieri, Managing Director at the Direct Marketing Association, commented: “In an increasingly connected world, data forms the backbone of many businesses. Consumers need to be able to trust that any data a company has on them will be treated in the correct way and that any business is being transparent about how they want to use that information.”

The Kudos Suppression Portal contains over half a billion deceased, goneaway and home mover records available in one simple-to-use portal. At the best rates available!

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Nicky says

“What is the point of spending a fortune on systems, infrastructure and business insight when your biggest asset (your data) is a mess? Clean it up!”

Suppression File Details

  The Kudos Suppression Portal provides access to 21 of the UK’s leading suppression files, including:

11 Mover/Goneaway files;
         • 6 Bereavement/Mortality files;
  • 4 Preference Scheme files;



TPS is the official central opt out register on which consumers can record their preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. It is a legal requirement that all organisations (including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties) do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS unless they have consent to do so.                                                                                                                  


CTPS is the central opt out register whereby corporate subscribers (ie businesses) can register their wish not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls to either all their organisation’s telephone numbers, or to certain numbers. It is a legal requirement that companies do not make such calls to numbers registered on the CTPS.                                          


The MPS Consumer File is a list of names and addresses of consumers who have registered that they wish to limit the amount of direct mail they receive. The use of the MPS Consumer File by Direct Marketers is a requirement of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing administered by the Advertising Standards Authority. It is also a condition under the Code of Practice of the Direct Marketing Association.

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