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Customer consent data made simple

An easy and fully compliant way to manage customer consent marketing preferences, consent audits and consent optimisation

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Does any of this sound familiar?

There’s no easy way to track what my customers have agreed to

I struggle to centrally manage opt-ins and opt-outs

I’m not currently able to measure and optimise my opt-in rates

Maintaining GDPR compliance is eating into our resource

We have to offer very broad opt-ins and opt-outs, rather than focusing on specific channels or topics

I don’t want to change from the systems we’re already familiar with as a business

Dealing with subject access requests is time-consuming

Our various systems quickly get out of sync

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We can help

We’ve helped countless businesses like yours to overcome the challenges of consolidating customer preference data into a single, trackable version of the truth.
Turn those challenges into opportunities with a sophisticated consent management tool such as Syrenis Cassie. Not only does it enable 100% compliance with GDPR and other legislation, it can actually increase opt-in conversions and drive up the value of your marketing database.

customer consent | Kudos Data Solutions

A positive brand experience

Turn cumbersome consent management into a sleek, positive brand experience and an opportunity to increase conversion rates with prospects and customers using Cassie’s suite of features.

Do you have multiple brands or working across different geographic territories? Cassie can flex to suit your business’ unique requirements, all from a single system.

customer consent | Kudos Data

Customisable preference management

Multilingual, multi-brand platform

Cassie Platform is used by millions of customers globally, in more than 22 languages and 36 countries, as their consent management platform of choice for a customised brand journey. 

           Making your life easier


TickImproves consent management right away

TickWorks with existing systems, tools and websites

TickCollects and updates all of your data preferences through the branded interfaces

TickMakes all the permissions straightforward for your call handling and sales teams

TickReduces consent churn and increases the value of your database

TickBuilds customer trust and improves internal efficiency

TickKeeps information in sync

TickGives total peace of mind

TickSimplifies audits and customer information requests

TickRemoves worry and resource drain caused by future compliance regulation changes

TickGives marketing teams creative freedom

TickGrows with your organisation

         How does it do that?


TickFast set up and onboarding process to get you up and running quickly

TickAPIs, widgets and push technology allow easy integrations with existing systems, tools and websites

TickFully customisable widgets, supporting graphics

TickClean, customisable customer service interface

TickOffer granular opt-ins and opt-downs and preference holidays, rather than an all-or-nothing approach

TickUser-friendly portal for contacts to transparently self-manage permissions

TickPermissions sync in real time or batch mode to suit your system set up

TickSecure and reliable cloud-based system

TickSingle point of truth for all personal data within your enterprise

TickSystem is updated automatically to include requirements for upcoming legislative changes

TickFlexible, brandable customer journeys

TickFully scalable platform


Be 100% data compliant

As legislation catches up with technology, we’ve seen GDPR, PECR, Privacy Shield come into play to protect the data rights of your customers. Without the right tools, this can be complicated for businesses to manage.

Cassie makes it simple. It gives one central, secure cloud consent management platform to manage customer data and marketing preferences. It’s 100% compliant for your customers, wherever they are globally.


Create a more positive customer experience

Build trust by showing your customers that you understand them and that you value their privacy and contact preferences.

Cassie’s suite of optimisation tools enables marketing teams to not only view and segment their customers’ marketing preferences, but also to test and optimise consent messaging to drive better opt-ins.


Integrate easily with the platforms you already use

No one likes complexity or disruption. That’s why we’ve designed our consent management software to integrate easily with your current systems and CRM platforms.

This gives one single consent management system for customers regardless of future changes to other platforms within your business. It also gives a single management area for your marketing and data compliance teams; all fully customisable to your brand for a seamless experience.

Works for teams across your business

Syrenis Cassie is pivotal at every touchpoint across your business for tracking and managing consumer preferences, even across multiple channels and brands.

Use Cassie’s powerful API to integrate fully adjustable preference data with your existing customer consent records

Grow and manage your database with a fully branded opt-in and preference management experience, complete with a testing tool for improving sign up conversion.

Achieve GDPR, PECR and other worldwide data regulation compliance with one cost-efficient and fully auditable consent management tool.

Ready to simplify your data marketing compliance?

To gain a full appreciation of how Syrenis Preference Centre can deliver best practice compliance and improve customer experiences for your business, we offer full product demonstrations, arranged at your convenience.