The Cassie Privacy Management Platform provides GDPR-compliant customer consent and cookie preference management PLUS marketing communications deployment

Cassie is an industry leading privacy management solution, but how does it deliver you a competitive advantage? Imagine I run a car dealership and use the Cassie platform so that my customers and prospects can easily tell me what they want. I can easily comply with their wishes and also comply with privacy legislation such as PECR and GDPR. My customers can either “self-service” via my website, respond to my email or SMS campaigns or simply call into my Customer Service Team.

Now imagine you have just bought a new car from me. Do you want monthly New Car Sales Offers by direct mail?

“No, not by any channel thanks”.

Or you could use the “Preference Holiday” option and tell me not to send you New Car Offers for 6 months. Or 30 months – it’s your choice. Do you want Second Hand Car Sales Offers?

“My daughter is looking a cheap runaround, so yes please, once a month, by email”.

Do you want live SMS messages relating to cheap runarounds as they arrive in the dealership?

“That would be useful, yes please”.

Do you want MOT and service reminders for your new car?

“Yes please, text me and call me as I tend to forget!”

ALL DONE IN LESS THAN A MINUTE. And I have given you (my customer) choice and control over how I communicate with you – about what services, when and how. And of course, I now have an opted-in customer and I know what services or products you are interested in. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Path 11

By giving your customers control of their preferences and cookies, your business can gain a competitive advantage. Why would your customers want to be using your competitors when they are immediately bombarded with sales messages and given no control? By letting your customers choose, you can distribute relevant and targeted messages ABOUT WHAT THEY WANT. This keeps them engaged with you and it shows that you are an ethical company.

  • Fast set up and onboarding process to get you up and running quickly
  • APIs, widgets and push/pull technology allow easy integrations with existing systems, websites and all customer touchpoints
  • Fully customisable widgets & supporting graphics
  • Clean, fully customisable interfaces
  • Offer granular opt-ins and opt-outs plus preference holidays, rather than an all-or-nothing approach
  • Compliantly manage cookie preference settings
  • User-friendly portal for contacts to transparently self-manage their permissions
  • Permissions sync either in real time or batch mode to suit your system set up
  • Secure and reliable cloud-based system
  • Single version of the truth for all personal data within your enterprise
  • Single point of administration of all consent & preferences across all your websites, emails, landing pages and other digital real estate
  • Single point of marketing message deployment, compliant with each individual’s preferences


Customers can confirm or change their preferences by “self-servicing” via the website or your call centre. This will include options on any communication channel you deploy – emails, SMS, phone calls, direct marketing, IOT, etc. Your marketing team can gain insight from Cassie which enables them to create and deploy fully branded widgets and forms across all your online channels & platforms. The widgets feed the preferences back into Cassie which provides a time-stamped, complete audit trail of a customer’s preference history. The information collected will be based on the preferences the customer has agreed/not agreed to via all your touchpoints (call centre, emails, website, showroom, etc). API’s then pass the latest consent/preference to your existing systems, such as CRM, Marketing Database, Email platforms and more.

Why Kudos?

Ethically & Morally Correct

Kudos are passionate that “doing privacy well” will enhance your brand reputation. In the future it will be expected by customers. Those companies that don’t do it well will fall by the wayside. Customers will expect organisations to use their data appropriately and they want to choose what you hold on them, why you hold it and what you do with it. Kudos have a vision of putting people in control of the use of their data and that it is a fundamentally ethical and morally correct concept. Consumers want change and they will appreciate and value the brands that clearly give them choice and control. If you agree with this view then we can help you to create a competitive advantage.

Privacy management is rapidly becoming a factor in people’s decision of which companies to buy from. Kudos believe that technology such as the Cassie Privacy Management platform is an enabler. But any technology is only as good as the way you use it. We will work with you to ensure a smooth, successful implementation. More importantly, we will work with you to utilise Cassie across your business – ensuring you create a competitive advantage.

Want To Know Why Banks, Charities, Car Dealers, Government, Regulators and A Dozen Other Industries Use Cassie?

Want to hear more about the Cassie Privacy Management Platform or arrange demonstration? Talk to us to see how we can deliver you a competitive advantage.

Cassie is currently used by organisations around the world, in 36 languages, totalling 165 million worldwide customer records with 2.4 billion preferences and making 2.5 million updates EVERY DAY!

What is the future?

The Cisco 2020 Data Privacy benchmark study found that for every $1 an organisation spends on privacy investments, they receive a $2.70 return on investment. This is due to increased engagement and reduced customer fatigue.

One thing is definite – companies must invest in Privacy & Preference Management solutions such as the Cassie platform. Or else your customers will vote with their feet (or thumbs!) and buy from businesses who show that they are serious about data and privacy and who treat their customers with respect and transparency. This change in consumer awareness and mindset is already happening. The examples we’ve given should make you realise why!

Cassie is currently used by organisations around the world in 36 languages and totallying 165 million worldwide customer records with 2.4 billion preferences and making 2.5 million updates EVERY DAY!

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DBS have had the pleasure of dealing with the management team of Kudos Data Solutions for nearly 10 years. In that time, their approach to understanding the needs and wants of their clients has been second to none coupled with a professional and efficient approach to all projects. Kudos always look to innovate in the data driven industry, both from a communications and engagement level. Kudos are a key partner for DBS and we hope to continue that relationship long into the future.
preference management testimonial Gary Brandon

Commercial Director, DBS

We have worked with the Kudos team for over 10 years and have a great working relationship. Kudos always go above and beyond to ensure that they can fulfil their client’s requirements and what Kudos don’t know about data is not worth knowing! They are always on the phone to discuss client briefs and we have the pleasure to call them a partner. They are a hardworking and very approachable team and we look forward to working with them for many more years.
preference management testimonial James Urquhart

Sales & Operations Director, MIB

Having previously been part of the Qbase Group, we have worked with Mark and the kudos team since inception. Their knowledge of data-based marketing, attention to detail and project management is exemplary and sets them apart from the rest of the pack.
preference management testimonial Ian Johnstone


I have had the pleasure of working with the Kudos team for over 10 years now. Their desire to put their client’s briefs at the heart of everything they do makes them stand out within the industry. Always looking for unique, dynamic and value adding solutions to suit the activities and visions presented to them. They excel at thinking outside of the box and have built up strong relationships within the industry and their client base due to their sector leading ‘customer focus’ approach. A professional, hardworking and diligent team, who are innovative and ethical at all times, I have no hesitation in recommending for any of your data solution needs.
preference management testimonial Jason Rayne

BDM, Data8

We have worked with Mark and his team for 6 years due to their expertise in the Fleet sector and their access to high ROI fleet data sources. These include their own in-house Fleet Universe and 3rd party datasets. We utilise a combination of actual tele-marketed leads and also propensity-modelled records which are scored by Kudos according to the business profile. This approach has worked consistently.
preference management testimonial Beverley Mason

Group Marketing Manager, Bauer Media

Jane and her team have provided fantastic customer service to us over the years and Kudos still come up with the goods each month! They are able to locate and source niche lists as well as provide large-volume datasets and they negotiate hard on our behalf to reduce data costs.
preference management testimonial Rachel Betts

Campaign Manager UK, Brady Corporation

We use Kudos' National Business Universe and their National Consumer Universe for numerous purposes, including Supporter enhancements, which greatly supports our Single Supporter View and also profiling and target corporate prospects and undertake market sizing around Goodison Park and nationally. This drives our ticket sales and merchandising activities - both consumer and corporate.
preference management testimonial Michael Gittins

Data Scientist, Everton Football Club

“We have a shared vision with Kudos to deliver a supporter centric platform which enables our supporters to take control of their relationship with the Trust and deliver our long term vision to create engaged, personalised and relevant communication to our members and supporters. We believe that The Preference Centre portal will not only provide 100% transparent compliance, but enable the Trust to maximise our fundraising – enabling us to deliver our vision of a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.”
preference management testimonial Mel Sallis

Head of Supporter Marketing, The Woodland Trust