Combine online & offline data

Combine online and offline data – DataInterlace. In this modern, connected world, online website browsing behaviour is a precursor to online and offline buying. DataInterlace gives you the ability to integrate both and combine online and offline data, then make personalised, relevant communications with your customers and prospects. DataInterlace allows you to seamlessly integrate customer & prospect website browsing activity with their offline activity. With this information you can develop new marketing strategies, utilising the digital behaviour data on each visitor to your website.

  • Combine online & offline data
  • Make decisions based on the whole picture
  • Integrate online behaviour into your segmentation processes

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What Our Service Includes

One DataInterlace business identified all the visitors who had browsed their website recently. And because they could combine the cookies with their customer database, they could identify who were lapsed customers. And because they knew the product/service pages each individual had browsed, and how long they had been on each page, the company was able combine online and offline data to tailor a bespoke reactivation offer to each, based on the products the individual had been browsing!

combine online and ofline data

Another user integrated the browser-based data (number of visits, time spent, visit dates and times, etc) with their offline RFV (Recency, Frequency, Value) segmentation and created a substantial uplift in campaign responses.

DataInterlace gives you a simple interface to manage each of your communications, providing real-time, cumulative reporting on their performance. As you control the process, you can change the creative and offers as often as you want to.

Over time DataInterlace will allow you to gain a clear picture of your customers’ digital relationship with you, allowing you to store their browsing history, technical profile, number of visits and referrer pages. You can then combine online and offline data. With this data, we can show you how to;

  • Create personalised 1:1 campaigns for customer conversion
  • Improve your customer segmentation
  • Send individuality targeted anti-lapse or reactivation communications
  • Run low-cost abandoned basket & browser programs
  • Build better brand awareness
  • Use digital behaviour as part of your segmentation systems
Mark Says

“The world of data has changed so much. But the fundamentals still apply – manage the data well, understand the data fully, use your insights to drive your campaigns. Sadly not many agencies do this. But we do!”

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