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Our Enhancement, Profiling & Segmentation service can help you realise the full potential of your existing database, transforming it into useful information. We cross reference your data against our in-house databases to append important information to you. These data enhancements can enable you to increase your understanding of customers, meaning improved targeted campaign selections.


The information our in-house databases can provide includes over 250 business and consumer demographics. In addition, we are partners with leading data agencies such as Experian, CACI, CallCredit and many others. We also partner with smaller, specialist-sector agencies. This means we can always find suitable enhancement databases for niche customers. Ask us about enhancement, profiling and segmentation services.

targeting and reducing costsWe can improve your targeting and reduce costs

bring out your databases full potentialWe bring out your databases’ full potential

we profile and segmentWe profile, segment and understand your customers

lookalike prospectsWe source “lookalike” prospects

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Geo-Demographic Segmentation

Kudos provide a range of geo-demographic segmentation systems that divides the population of Great Britain into mutually exclusive segments according to the types of neighbourhood in which they live. To do this a number of different data sources are used, including:


Latest census Data


Land Registry Data On House Prices/Sales


Postcode classification of wealth

profiling & segmentation

Postcode Classification Of Consumer Activity

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Council Tax Bands

Mark Says

“The world of data has changed so much. But the fundamentals still apply – manage the data well, understand the data fully, use your insights to drive your campaigns_ Sadly not many agencies do this. But we do!”

Kudos will work with you to determine the best geo-dem solution for your business.

Customer Profiling

Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, understanding them and intelligently deploying that knowledge is the key to improving your marketing campaigns.

Customer profiling can improve your understanding of your customers. You can use this information to make intelligent business decisions about how to manage your current customers and, how to cost-effectively acquire new ones.


Kudos will help you to segment your customers and prospects, by combining your transactional data with our enhancement and profiling attributes. Whether you need to implement RFM segmentation or develop highly specialised clustering, we can help you to understand your customers from a value and demographic perspective.

Based on the profile of your top customers, Kudos will source prospects who share the same profile attributes. This means that your acquisition campaign volumes and costs will reduce, while response rates and revenues increase.

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