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What are the benefits of FastStats?

At Kudos we love FastStats, PeopleStage and the Apteco Marketing Suite. FastStats allows users to turn data into intelligence and intelligence into marketing. Managing Director, Mark Robinson first used the software when he was Database and Insight Manager for a leading catalogue company in the early 1990’s. Back then, FastStats was a DOS-based product! Mark installed FastStats systems at every employer he subsequently worked for – it was cheap, effective and quick to implement.

Forward-wind a decade and Mark moved to the agency side of the fence. He set up Qbase Analytics and developed a full range of Insight-based services, technology and solutions, including the provision of FastStats systems (now Windows based with Client/Server architecture!)

By 2007, Mark was Managing Director and Owner of Qbase Direct. Mark and his team were responsible for the planning, project management and implementation of numerous FastStats and the related PeopleStage systems. These included Guide Dogs for the Blind, NSPCC, Alzheimers Society, Barnardo’s, Key Industrial, HSS Hire and many more.

Forward-wind another decade and Qbase Direct rebrand to Kudos Data Solutions Ltd. But we still love the FastStats suite, still use it internally and still implement FastStats & PeopleStage solutions.

With 25 years’ experience of using FastStats and implementing client systems, we are the people to talk to. Whether you need a new system and processes creating, or a redesign of a current solution, contact us for a friendly but knowledgeable chat.

By partnering with Apteco, Kudos can offer FastStats data analysis solutions. FastStats provide an extensive suite of data exploration and visualisation tools, aiding your business to gain a better understanding of your customer behaviour. An easy to use ‘drag and drop’ interface lets your team carry out effective data analysis with ease, displaying all your data in an actionable platform.

FastStats gives you all the tools your team needs to view customer and marketing data from every angle achieving new insights. The emphasis on visual data interfaces provides a responsive way to manipulate and access data without jeopardising functionality.

Using FastStats, your business will be able to:

kudos iconBetter understand customer and prospect behaviour.

kudos iconCreate robust and repeatable marketing processes.

FastStats | Kudos DataCreate segments for accurate targeting of tailored marketing messages.

FastStats | Kudos DataMeasure, analyse and report on campaign responses.

FastStats | Kudos DataAchieve fingertip access to customer data without IT involvement.

FastStats | Kudos DataPerform rapid analysis of vast datasets, ensuring no insights are missed.

FastStats | Kudos DataCreate graphical outputs to better communicate findings.

FastStats | Kudos DataUnlock additional customer insights that can be applied throughout your business.

FastStats | Kudos DataModel potential outcomes and create responsive marketing campaigns to match.

FastStats | Kudos DataSchedule tasks to run automatically, giving you the information needed and condensing workloads simultaneously.

FastStats | Kudos DataAnalyse how customers move between segments and are retained over time.

FastStats is easy to use, applying wizards and “drag and drop” interfaces to open up multifaceted analytical methods. Additional tools permit you to create new, intelligent customer segments for specifically targeted campaigns which can then be uploaded to your email provider for processing, before collecting the latest round of results for further analysis.

What modules are available within FastStats?
How effective is FastStats?

FastStats Modelling Module

FastStats Modelling integrates directly with the base Apteco application to inform your targeting decisions and uses common analytical techniques including market penetration, customer profiling analysis, patented Predictive Weight of Evidence (PWE) scoring, decision trees (including CHAID) and clustering.


FastStats excelsior

FastStats Excelsior Module

FastStats Excelsior allows you to build custom reports configured to your business needs, and share the results with your colleagues. Because FastStats Excelsior unites Excel and Apteco visualisations, the resulting reports are even more powerful.


FastStats Geo Module

         FastStats Geo         Module

Gain insight by visualising the locations of customers and prospects using the geographical module for Apteco FastStats. The software also Geo facilitates campaign planning and execution by helping you understand the spatial distribution of your customer data, using common mapping services via integrations with Microsoft Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap.

FastStats system software
FastStats analysis software


To stay competitive, marketers need campaign automation software that allows them to create timely, personalised, event-driven communications. Today’s digital world requires a multi-channel approach that includes email, SMS, social media, mobile push, customer reviews, online advertising, CRM solutions and web analytics, as well as traditional channels such as contact centres and direct mail.

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