Complementary Channels

Complementary channels are a great cost-effective addition to your multi-channel marketing programs, due to its ability to maximise geographical coverage within a targeted catchment area, .

Kudos’ profiling service enables us to identify your prospect clusters and deliver your campaign to a targeted geographical area.

  • We match your profile to specific audiences
  • Wide range of complementary channels available
  • Large useful audience reach, guaranteed

Door Drop Campaigns

Door drops can be effective when talking to a wider audience. Whether you’re a retailer announcing store openings and offers, or a council delivering information to citizens, door drops will help you reach the right people at the right time. You can choose from a variety of formats and send out free samples and vouchers to encourage purchases.

complementary channels




Kudos excel at planning and implementing door drop campaigns because we are able to apply our core skills of data insight and analytics. This means that, unlike other providers, we analyse your customer base to profile your customers and identify geographical bias. Using our National Consumer Universe and National Business Universe we can score and rank geographical locations based on the profile of the consumers or businesses within that area. It is only then that we make recommendations for your campaigns.

Insert Campaigns

Insert campaigns can often work best as part of a multi-channel marketing program. Due to their low cost you can achieve high levels of market penetration and brand awareness through well targeted, complementary vehicles. Kudos will work with you to plan, implement and manage your insert campaigns so they deliver the best possible results for you and your organisation.

We will negotiate on your behalf to drive down the cost of your insert campaigns and enable you to maximize your customer acquisition budget. There are a wide range of insert vehicles we can source for you, including:

Insert campaigns

  • Blow-ins loose-leaf inserts within catalogues or magazines
  • Bind-ins loose-leaf inserts stitched or glued into the catalogue or magazine
  • Card Decks advertising cards that are wrapped (typically used for business to business marketing)
  • Co-ops multiple loose-leaf inserts, usually placed in one envelope
  • Newspaper Loose-Leaf placed inside the pages of a newspaper
  • Package Insert Programs loose-leaf inserts placed in the product in the packages that are bought by customers
  • Poly-Wraps loose-leaf inserts placed inside the polywrap of a magazine or catalogue
  • Statement Stuffers loose-leaf inserts placed in the monthly billing statements of other providers
Jane says

“Planning is the key to successful complementary channels. As the saying goes ‘Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

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Complementary Channels

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