What is PEP and sanction screening?


As well as IDV/KYC datasets, we also provide datasets for PEPs & Sanction Screening. 

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) 

We can provide detailed profiles of senior Politically Exposed Persons, their relatives, close associates and third party relationships in all industries and companies that they are linked to, from every country in the world. sanction screening | Kudos Data Solutions

  • World Presidents Database
  • CIA World Leaders
  • Every Politician
  • EU Members of Parliament
  • CoE Parliamentary Assembly
  • GB Insolvency Disqualified Directors
  • INTERPOL Red Notices

Sanctions and Official Lists 

We can provide details of over 1200 sanctions, there are a number of sanctions lists in operation globall

sanction screening | Kudos Data Solutions

Sources include:

  • UN Consolidated Sanctions
  • SDFM Blacklist
  • Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes
  • OFAC Consolidated List
  • US Denied Persons List
  • GB Consolidated List of Targets
  • EEAS Consolidated List
  • Kyrgyz FIU National List

Persons and Entities of Special Interest 

We can provide details of high profile people not reported on an official list but reported in publicly available sources such as internet and media as being accused of or convicted of serious crimes. Financial sanctions is the strong action taken against financial crime which is also used by Goverments all over the world to stop illegal activities. A sanction list not only combats financial crimes but also other serious crimes, including;

  • financial crime sanction screeningFinancial Crime
  • sanction screeningTerrorism
  • sanction screeningWar Crimes
  • organised crimeOrganised Crime
  • narcotics sanction screeningNarcotics Crime
  • other crimesOther Crimes

As well as datasets for PEPs & Sanction Screening, we also provide IDV (Identity Verification)/KYC  (Know Your Customer) datasets, Read More here

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