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The financial industry around the world is continuing to face regulatory pressure regarding know your customer solutions and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Compliance with AML and Know Your Customer Solutions (KYC) requires robust processes and infrastructure. Kudos Data Solutions are experienced at sourcing identity verification datasets (consumer and business) around the world for our clients. We are proud to be the Global Data Sourcing Partner for one of the biggest international Banks in the world as well as being an accredited supplier to some of the world’s largest Blue Chip companies. We provide data from every continent.

Samples can be provided at no charge and we can manage Proof of Concept projects as well as full roll-out and monthly updates.

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Country Population Population by Consumer age Consumer Count Consumer Business Historical E-mail/ Telephone Channels API Link Pay Per Match Available? Source
Algeria 38,934,334 25,732,336 10,000,000 Financial Institutions, Centralised Algerian Bank
Argentina 43,417,000 31,443,433 38,000,000 Official Govt. ID Registry
Armenia 3,006,154 2,153,658 2,025,639 Voter’s List
Australia 24,051,600 15,200,000 17,000,000 Australian Credit Bureau
Bahrain 1,361,930 1,019,235 348,106 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Bangladesh 166,280,712 108,985,965 96,500,025 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Belgium 11,371,928 7,137,506 5,500,000 National Institute of Statistics, Telephone Providers, other 100+ specific sources
Bermuda 65,180 46,179 41,748 Centralised Bank
Brazil 205,905,000 151,992,024 156,000,000 Census, Dept. of Motor Vehicles, Official Brazil Business Registry, Electoral Roll and Dept. of Revenue Brazil
Brunei 415,717 293,944 146,259 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Cambodia 16,055,936 8,152,933 various
Canada 36,048,521 23,381,689 16,747,621 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Channel Islands (Jersey Guernsey, IOM) 165,000 153,711 39,362 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
China 1,375,000,000 1,109,424,810 263,000,000 China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. Non-marketing licensing agreement
Czech Republic 10,623,205 7,181,452 45,000,000 Centralised Bank
Egypt 86,700,000 59,103,578 45,000,000 Voter Registry
France 66,660,000 52,077,220 40,000,000 Electoral Roll
Germany 82,726,626 55,000,000 55,000,000 Postal Service and Voter Registry
Greece 10,816,286 7,077,088 6,300,000 Official Govt. Data
Hong Kong 7,267,000 5,371,400 6,300,000 or 1,500,000 6.3m Consumers - Govt. Data +1.5m Cell Phone Subscribers
India 1,251,695,584 899,150,519 696,000,000 or 300,000,000 696m Electoral Roll 300m Cell Phone Subscribers
Indonesia 255,461,700 182,613,301 151,000,000 Voters database
Japan 126,460,000 110,265,482 various
Jersey 97,860 65,506 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Korea 51,529,338 41,411,172 1,252,144 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Laos 7,027,741 4,197,835 various
Lebanon 4,546,774 2,841,669 4,700,000 Govt. Data
Luxemburg 574,557 388,691 83,202 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Macau 643,100 459,400 300,721 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Malaysia 30,600,000 19,770,678 12,000,000 or 25,000,000 12m Electoral Roll 25m Mobile Phone Subscribers, 26m Mobile File, 12.5M Voters registry file
Maldives 393,500 294,170 200,000 Electoral Roll
Malta 429,344 276,431 119,048 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Mauritius 1,261,208 939,284 108,550 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Mexico 119,938,473 155,621,907 71,000,000 Govt Data with demographics and official ID
Monaco 37,620 17,937 7,831 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Netherlands 16,958,202 11,059,026 4,058,000 Multiple Public Sources
New Zealand 4,596,700 2,892,344 3,060,225 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Norway 5,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000 Electoral roll and Postal Service
Oman 4,236,057 2,135,730 1,521,630 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Philippines 103,073,200 64,439,124 54,000,000 2016 Presidential Election Electoral Roll, 57M Voters Registry
Qatar 2,235,000 1,849,791 911,012 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Republic of Ireland 4,713,869 3,785,759 3,000,000 Electoral roll and Centralised Bank Data
Singapore 5,470,000 4,348,692 2.5-3,000,000 Government and credit data, PDPA consumer data privacy restrictions
South Africa 55,398,963 38,914,363 48,000,000 48M Marketing File
Spain 47,852,287 31,954,882 38,000,000 Government Data which has been enhanced with +100 Other Sources
Sri Lanka 20,359,439 14,554,654 1,559,344 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Sweden 9,500,000 6,500,000 6,500,000 Electoral roll and Postal Service
Switzerland 8,238,000 5,427,608 3,000,000 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Thailand 68,285,243 56,485,926 various
aiwan 23,268,087 17,287,666 800,000 Credit Card Holder Database
Turkey 77,695,904 56,377,270 44,500,000 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
UAE 9,086,139 1,338,819 1,931,392 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
United Kingdom 64,100,000 41,000,000 41,000,000 Electoral roll and 100+ feeds
United States 324,000,000 211,000,000 211,000,000 Electoral roll
Uruguay 3,404,000 2,167,037 96,832 Centralised Bank, Financial Institutions
Vietnam 91,700,000 69,979,505 35,000,000 Government, public sources and credit data, marketing applications

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What Make Kudos Different?


Well, we built our business on sourcing the right data for Clients. We know the markets, the players, the movers and the shakers. We also know the sharks to steer clear of! And we have a proven due diligence process for on-boarding data partners.

The UK’s Most Comprehensive KYC Universe

Kudos Data Solutions has created the UK’s largest KYC Identity Verification Universe, designed for identity verification and ‘Know Your Customer’ purposes. With monthly updates, the Universe is the first of its kind in the UK due to our unique linkage of :

Why use Kudos?


KYC system suppliers know their systems. But they are not data sourcing experts — that is our job! We research each market in the world, we talk to each supplier, we understand their data and sources. We do due diligence. And then we negotiate on your behalf. We also manage the data supplies, updates and Client/Supplier liason. All for a fixed fee per country

Let Us Manage the KYC Data Sourcing Process

Kudos are system-agnostic! We work with all Know Your Customer system providers to lend our experience in the data-sourcing world. We identify and test various datasets in each country, manage the long-list process and refine this to a short-list which is then used for Proof of Concept processing within the KYC environment. Then we negotiate hard on the client’s behalf for roll-out and manage all data supplies to the client or Know Your Customer Solutions supplier.

As well as IDV/KYC datasets, we also provide datasets for PEPs & Sanction Screening Click here to find out more

know your customer solutions

James says

“Know Your Customer solutions system suppliers know their systems. But they are not data sourcing experts — that is our job! We research each market in the world, we talk to each supplier, we understand their data and sources. We do due diligence. And then we negotiate on your behalf. We also manage the data supplies, updates and client/supplier liaison. All for a fixed fee per country.”

The UK KYC Identity Verification Universe

know your customer solutions47 Million 

Consumers plus date of birth, income, telephone, opted-in emails and more

know your customer solutions2 Million

Businesses plus trading information and business demographics

know your customer solutions5 Million

Businesses trading information and business demographics

know your customer solutions40 Million

Clubs and societies plus club secretary or similar contacts

know your customer solutions6 Million

Directorships Linking consumer and business datasets

know your customer solutions30 Million

Consumer historical addresses since 2006

know your customer solutions


The UK KYC Identity Verification Universe is available to lease by end users and Know Your Custom Solutions system providers. It provides our clients with a complete picture of the UK Consumer and Business landscape for identity verification purposes. Monthly updates are included.

Combining Consumers with Businesses, Directorships, Not-For-Profit Organisations and Historical datasets, the Universe ties all of the data together through the use of unique linkages for the first time. This comprehensive solution provides an unrivalled depth of verification data. All available emails, landline and mobile data plus date of birth and more are also provided.


Source information is held against every record, as is the number of times a record has been provided across different sources. This enables us to verify, rank and score an individual. Quality scores are also provided against Date of Birth, Address, Telephone, Mobile & Email fields.

Tier 1 Bank Chooses Kudos For The Fourth Consecutive Year Click here to find out more

We have all you can read on AML, KYC & Identity Verification

Our wide range of Know Your Customer Solutions resources can help you become compliant. Check them out in our resources section along with much more.


Having previously been part of the Qbase Group, we have worked with Mark and the kudos team since inception. Their knowledge of data-based marketing, attention to detail and project management is exemplary and sets them apart from the rest of the pack.
preference management testimonial Ian Johnstone


We have worked with the Kudos team for over 10 years and have a great working relationship. Kudos always go above and beyond to ensure that they can fulfil their client’s requirements and what Kudos don’t know about data is not worth knowing! They are always on the phone to discuss client briefs and we have the pleasure to call them a partner. They are a hardworking and very approachable team and we look forward to working with them for many more years.
preference management testimonial James Urquhart

Sales & Operations Director, MIB

DBS have had the pleasure of dealing with the management team of Kudos Data Solutions for nearly 10 years. In that time, their approach to understanding the needs and wants of their clients has been second to none coupled with a professional and efficient approach to all projects. Kudos always look to innovate in the data driven industry, both from a communications and engagement level. Kudos are a key partner for DBS and we hope to continue that relationship long into the future.
preference management testimonial Gary Brandon

Commercial Director, DBS

I have had the pleasure of working with the Kudos team for over 10 years now. Their desire to put their client’s briefs at the heart of everything they do makes them stand out within the industry. Always looking for unique, dynamic and value adding solutions to suit the activities and visions presented to them. They excel at thinking outside of the box and have built up strong relationships within the industry and their client base due to their sector leading ‘customer focus’ approach. A professional, hardworking and diligent team, who are innovative and ethical at all times, I have no hesitation in recommending for any of your data solution needs.
preference management testimonial Jason Rayne

BDM, Data8

We have worked with Mark and his team for 6 years due to their expertise in the Fleet sector and their access to high ROI fleet data sources. These include their own in-house Fleet Universe and 3rd party datasets. We utilise a combination of actual tele-marketed leads and also propensity-modelled records which are scored by Kudos according to the business profile. This approach has worked consistently.
preference management testimonial Beverley Mason

Group Marketing Manager, Bauer Media

Jane and her team have provided fantastic customer service to us over the years and Kudos still come up with the goods each month! They are able to locate and source niche lists as well as provide large-volume datasets and they negotiate hard on our behalf to reduce data costs.
preference management testimonial Rachel Betts

Campaign Manager UK, Brady Corporation

We use Kudos' National Business Universe and their National Consumer Universe for numerous purposes, including Supporter enhancements, which greatly supports our Single Supporter View and also profiling and target corporate prospects and undertake market sizing around Goodison Park and nationally. This drives our ticket sales and merchandising activities - both consumer and corporate.
preference management testimonial Michael Gittins

Data Scientist, Everton Football Club

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