GDPR GAP Analysis & Action Plan (GA-AP)

GDPR GA-AP (Gap Analysis & Action Plan)


GA-APKudos Data Solutions are proud to introduce GDPR GA-AP. This unique service will identify areas your business needs to address in order to be GDPR Compliant, (the “Gap Analysis” element, which includes risk assessment). But our service goes further than this – we will also provide you with a framework of issues and their suggested resolutions, backed up by an explanation of which article of the law the issue relates to (the “Action Plan” element). Our qualified consultants will also answer all of the questions your teams have with clear and concise resolutions, (not the non-committal, wishy washy answers most of our competitors and other GDPR “Experts” are offering!)

A standard GDPR GA-AP includes the following comprehensive areas, with each consultation being tailored to your individual needs:

• Full GDPR Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment;
• Data, Legal and Process Consultation;
• Document Review;
• Policy Review;
• Issue Recognition;
• Issue Resolution Recommendations;
• Detailed Report Covering All Findings;
• Action Plan To Ensure Compliance

Let the experts guide you through your GDPR compliance journey. You will see the benefits that come from re-engaging with your customers as a forward-thinking business in this new GDPR world, safe in the knowledge that you not only meet the minimum standards, but actually exceed them!

The GA-AP report our Consultants will produce typically runs to 40 pages and covers 11 different categories, with 81 sub-categories. Each category and sub-category is scored and ranked, with colour-coding used to denote whether each is COMPLIANT, PARTIALLY COMPLIANT or NOT COMPLIANT. As well as providing details of the relevant GDPR Article or related text, you will receive advice on each, plus a “to do” list and recommendations. The first page of your tailored report contains an overall summary and score in a dashboard format.

Your Kudos Consultant will not leave you stranded! We will work with you to deliver compliance.

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Data EnhancementCompliance Evaluation

Dashboard & Reports

Guidance & Recommendations

A GDPR compliance dashboard

Whether you are just getting started with your data protection work or you have already established a data protection governance group, GDPR stipulates that all personal data protection procedures must be evaluated on a regular basis.

Our Privacy Evaluation solution helps you to first map and evaluate your legal status with regard to GDPR. Then an overview of your organisation’s data privacy compliance situation is summarised and displayed on the compliance dashboard, highlighting any areas that may require attention and providing guidance and recommendations.


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Survey score

Versus calculated benchmark

Comprehensive overview and compliance strategy report

Privacy Evaluation consists of three main functions: Map, Evaluate and Remedy. These functions generate a comprehensive yet easy to understand map and overview of your existing data privacy compliance situation as well as a remedial strategy report for achieving full GDPR compliance.