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GDPR strategy | Kudos Data SolutionsWhat makes Kudos different? We are not ignoring the fact that GDPR Compliance, PECR & privacy legislation is changing data marketing in Europe forever. And that’s not a bad thing. Consumers need to control their permissions, their data and how your business uses their data. We are working with our Clients to provide consultancy and technology solutions.

If you agree with our positive vision of GDPR but are struggling with implementing your compliance plans, or confused over which of the 6 legal bases for processing to apply, or losing the will to live due to Privacy Impact Assessments, Legitimate Impact Assessments, Privacy and Data Usage Policies – contact Kudos. Let us bring some order to the chaos!

After May 2018, managing preferences will be a prerequisite of doing business with your prospects and customers. Maximising opt-in rates and minimising opt-outs will open up a new Marketing front that requires consent statements to undergo rigorous testing and roll-out processes. Consent requires segmentation and analysis – just like the rest of your Marketing campaigns.

Too many companies are still seeing GDPR and PECR compliance as a legislative and systems change. Yes GDPR Compliance will require changes to your systems and processes to comply with the legislation. But that is far too simplistic and totally misses the MUCH BIGGER PICTURE – you need to change your way of thinking!

GDPR Means Cultural Change

GDPR means the way you do business with your customers and prospects changes completely. It means more openness about what your business does with a person’s data. It means turning the current DPA model on it’s head and putting the consumer in control – they decide what you do with their data. No longer can you (the business) hide behind wishy-washy, tenuous legal speak, hidden away in the bowels of your T&C’s. If you are operating a Consent model, you need positive Opt-In – no more automatic opting-in of individuals. If you are operating a Legitimate Interest model, you need to minimise opt-outs.

gdpr compliance | Kudos Data SolutionsOver the next 12 months, companies will inundate their customers and prospects with requests to use their data to communicate with, market to and undertake processing to deliver their products and services. Remember, if you are operating a Consent model – NO CONSENT = NO COMMUNICATION in the post GDPR world. So forget which creative treatment or strapline pulls the best response. Before you can test the creative or the strapline, you have to get the consumer to agree for you to communicate with them by a preferred channel about a specific product or service. Only then can you even start to think about the offer/creative/strapline/pricing, etc.

The public need to understand that GDPR is a positive change that has been introduced for the consumer’s benefit and because the consumer wants it. The public is jaded by junk mail, nuisance calls and spamming. They want it to change and they will appreciate and value the brands that clearly give them choice and control. To quote the ICO “Doing consent well should put individuals in control, build customer trust and engagement, and enhance your reputation

GDPR Compliance – A Positive Vision

GDPR Compliance | Kudos Data SolutionsConsumers will appreciate and value the brands that clearly give them choice and control. If done well, those brands will then generate a higher level of engagement and loyalty from the customer/supporter/stakeholder base. By opting in, (or by not opting out of Legitimate Interests!)  a consumer is showing the highest level of interest in your cause, product or organisation. That is gold-dust! It is the best way to do a value segmentation of all consumers who touch your brand in some way – if they opt in, (or don’t opt out) they are interested and you should focus your effort on them. So whilst GDPR will result in a smaller active customer/supporter/stakeholder base than pre-GDPR, the base will be of higher engagement and probably higher value than the current average. That means lower campaign and admin costs and higher responses. That equals improved ROI. And that is a good thing for all involved.

And as for the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR) – this has been law since 2003 but most companies have not been compliant, with regards to email and telephone communications. Ignore PECR at your peril!


Kudos are working hard to make our clients become one of the trusted brands in the post GDPR world. The Preference Centre is used by Charities, Governments, Regulators and Commercial Organisations of all sizes. We believe there is no better recommendation of the solution than it’s user base!

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Having previously been part of the Qbase Group, we have worked with Mark and the kudos team since inception. Their knowledge of data-based marketing, attention to detail and project management is exemplary and sets them apart from the rest of the pack.
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We have worked with the Kudos team for over 10 years and have a great working relationship. Kudos always go above and beyond to ensure that they can fulfil their client’s requirements and what Kudos don’t know about data is not worth knowing! They are always on the phone to discuss client briefs and we have the pleasure to call them a partner. They are a hardworking and very approachable team and we look forward to working with them for many more years.
preference management testimonial James Urquhart

Sales & Operations Director, MIB

DBS have had the pleasure of dealing with the management team of Kudos Data Solutions for nearly 10 years. In that time, their approach to understanding the needs and wants of their clients has been second to none coupled with a professional and efficient approach to all projects. Kudos always look to innovate in the data driven industry, both from a communications and engagement level. Kudos are a key partner for DBS and we hope to continue that relationship long into the future.
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Commercial Director, DBS

I have had the pleasure of working with the Kudos team for over 10 years now. Their desire to put their client’s briefs at the heart of everything they do makes them stand out within the industry. Always looking for unique, dynamic and value adding solutions to suit the activities and visions presented to them. They excel at thinking outside of the box and have built up strong relationships within the industry and their client base due to their sector leading ‘customer focus’ approach. A professional, hardworking and diligent team, who are innovative and ethical at all times, I have no hesitation in recommending for any of your data solution needs.
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BDM, Data8

We have worked with Mark and his team for 6 years due to their expertise in the Fleet sector and their access to high ROI fleet data sources. These include their own in-house Fleet Universe and 3rd party datasets. We utilise a combination of actual tele-marketed leads and also propensity-modelled records which are scored by Kudos according to the business profile. This approach has worked consistently.
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Group Marketing Manager, Bauer Media

Jane and her team have provided fantastic customer service to us over the years and Kudos still come up with the goods each month! They are able to locate and source niche lists as well as provide large-volume datasets and they negotiate hard on our behalf to reduce data costs.
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Campaign Manager UK, Brady Corporation

We use Kudos' National Business Universe and their National Consumer Universe for numerous purposes, including Supporter enhancements, which greatly supports our Single Supporter View and also profiling and target corporate prospects and undertake market sizing around Goodison Park and nationally. This drives our ticket sales and merchandising activities - both consumer and corporate.
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Data Scientist, Everton Football Club

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