What is record validation?


Record validation is a service that follows the database cleaning process. Rubbish in = Rubbish out! Whether you need to backfill information, such as telephone numbers and email addresses, or create a prospect list from scratch, our web and telephone research team are here to help record validation and verify your data assets.

Our researchers take the utmost pride in lovingly maintaining your data attributes, correcting, record validating and updating your records. We like to make your data feel loved, clean and fit for purpose!

Record validation is charged on a low day rate for our Research Team. They will run a short test to determine how successful their research will be for your project and to calculate the project metrics, including timescales and costs. Please note all data is owned by you, so there are no subsequent lease or rental costs. We can create entire lists for you based on your target market such as new prospects, or even your competition’s customers! Our web and telephone research team only captures data ethically from sources available in the public domain.

We also provide a range of data processing and hygiene services, including PAF, deduplication, suppression screening, tele-appending, data enhancement, change-of-address supply, GIS & territory planning, business insight and more.

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    What Our Service Includes

    • Database cleaning, data cleaning, record verification
    • Validating and verifying lapsed customers
    • Appending telephone numbers and email addresses to existing records
    • Enhancing your records with demographic information
    • Building highly targeted prospect lists
    • Tracking job changes
    • Sourcing new or replacement contacts and much more
    • Charged at a low day rate
    • All data is owned by you, no lease or rental costs
    • Enhancement data can be collected, e.g. emails, telephone numbers, demographics etc.
    • Entire lists can be created based on your target market

    OBiT Deceased Supression Database

    The OBiT Mortality Screening Database is a co-operative venture between major banks, insurance & financial organisations, cataloguers, charities, publishers and many other companies who mail large volumes. The database currently comprises of over 5 million records and is growing monthly as members add their records. Over 3 million records are confirmed via a death certificate. 46% of records are not yet held on the other industry Deceased databases. Ask us for a free match audit against your data!

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    Nicky says

    “What is the point of spending a fortune on systems, infrastructure and business insight when your biggest asset (your data) is a mess? Clean it up!”

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