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Data hygiene and “dirty data” is a universal problem for all organisations. And as more and more data is captured through multiple contact points, the problem is growing exponentially.

What does “dirty data” mean? It means duplicate records and records with little or no useful information, or incorrect information. The consequences of dirty data are serious: Higher costs to you, due to additional printing, postage and staff time. Dirty data also has repercussions for customer relations – it is unprofessional to send multiple marketing pieces to the same person, or spell their name wrong, or have an incorrect address, telephone number, email address, etc.

Dirty data has numerous causes and no easy solutions. An organisation’s best protection against dirty data is to focus on the issue and try to ensure that data is input correctly at source. And you need to take remedial actions to clean up incorrect data. Most importantly, you should make data hygiene a priority and recognise data hygiene as a necessary, valuable part of system administration.

Kudos provide these services to many clients. From large-scale data processing and data hygiene to manual updating of records, one-by-one. It’s a dirty job but Kudos excel at it!

What Our Service Includes

  • Database cleaning, data cleaning, record verification & formatting
  • Deduplication & data processing
  • Kudos suppression portal
  • Validating and verifying lapsed customers
  • Appending telephone numbers and email addresses to existing records
  • Enhancing your records with demographic information
  • Building highly targeted prospect lists
  • Tracking job changes
  • Sourcing new or replacement contacts and much more
  • Enhancement data can be collected, e.g. emails, telephone numbers, demographics etc.
  • Entire lists can be created based on your target market

Kudos can screen your customer, prospect or campaign files against all of the industry suppression files, including MPS, TPS, Deceased & Goneaway, NCOA, BT OSIS and more. Please note that you are legally required to screen against certain suppression files, as well as being best-practice. We provide  a rapid turnaround service for data enhancements and suppression screening. Please click here for a complete listing and to securely upload a file for B2C enhancements or for suppression screening. Please note that we will confirm prices and volumes with you before you incur any cost! We also provide a range of B2B enhancements including SIC, employee band, turnover and many more attributes. Please contact us for details


Nicky says

“What is the point of spending a fortune on systems, infrastructure and business insight when your biggest asset (your data) is a mess? Clean it up!”

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Improving Your Data

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