How Can a Cookie Module Help?


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Customisable cookie consent

True cookie control


Despite having a pop-up giving users the option to decline cookies, many sites still place cookies automatically on users’ devices, making them non-compliant under PECR and GDPR. Syrenis has developed a cookie module consent management platform which is simple, auditable and fully compliant.


Easy to deploy

Set up cookie consent management in a matter of hours. Simply add your website’s cookie information into the platform and deploy via a customisable widget.

Centrally managed

Consent is fed back into a secure, centralised system in real time, allowing you to collect cookie consent across multiple web properties using a single instance.

Scalable to suit your requirements

Cookie Module is available as standalone version with limited functionality, as a full functionality cookie management platform or an integrated module within Cassie, formerly Preference Centre.

Individual level consent

Using anonymous IP address data, Cookie Module allows businesses to attribute cookie consent data to individuals. The advanced version and integrated module also allow attribution to named individuals.

Multilingual and multi-brand

Widgets can be created in multiple languages and for different brands, making it suitable for businesses operating across the globe.

Genuine compliance with GDPR/PECR

Because it only allows placement of cookies after user consent has been granted, Cookie Confidence is truly PECR and GDPR compliant, unlike many other solutions.


Customers are put in control of their own consent via your web widget, selecting precisely which cookies to accept and with the option to alter their consent at any point in the future if they wish.

Customisable web widgets

Easily configure the wording and design of your web widgets to ensure that they are on brand and optimised to encourage your customers to opt in.

Integrates with Cassie, Formerly Syrenis Preference Centre

Existing users of Syrenis Cassie Formerly known as Preference Centre can link cookie consent back to individuals who have agreed to identify themselves, giving a full, timestamped audit trail.

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    cookie module | Kudos Data Solutions

    cookie module | Kudos Data Solutions

    cookie module | Kudos Data Solutions

    Syrenis Cookie Module                                                                   

    How it works

    Cookie Module takes a technically complex challenge and makes it simple for businesses to manage.


    Step 1: Load cookie scripts into Cookie Module

    Add the cookie scripts from your website into your Cookie Module portal, ready to deploy once users have consented.  Nominate the type of cookie and include additional information to describe the cookie .

    Step 2: Create and customise widgets

    Cookie Module comes with pre-templated but fully customisable widgets for convenience and total brand control. Set yours up in a matter of minutes, ready to deploy onto your site(s).

    Step 3: Add widget to site

    Copy and paste the widget code generated within your Cookie Module portal into your website(s). An IT team can easily do this for you if you are not trained in how to do so.

    Step 4: Users manage their own consent

    When a new user visits your site(s), cookies will no longer be placed automatically. Instead, your branded widget will display, giving the user the option to accept and decline cookies as they choose. Only once consent has been given will the cookies be created on their device.

    Any future changes to consent are managed by the user and recorded automatically back to your Cookie Module in real time.

    Ready for a truly compliant solution to cookie consent?

    Contact us to arrange a demonstration of a cookie management solution which is:

    full gdpr complianceFully compliant with GDPR and PECR

    quick to set upQuick to set up

    brandableBrandable in multiple languages