Compliance Evaluation

Compliance Evaluationgdpr compliance


The initial stage of a Privacy Evaluation involves a round of questions covering a number of different topics on GDPR compliance. The information you provide enables your Consultant to compile a detailed overview of your data handling procedures and compliance performance, as well as identifying potential areas for improvement.

According to GDPR, all personal data protection procedures should be evaluated on a regular basis. With our Privacy Evaluation solution, you can evaluate your procedures as often as you like, which also enables you to monitor your progress over time. The current version of our Privacy Evaluation solution has been specifically designed for evaluating GDPR compliance

Our GDPR Compliance Evaluation covers the following:

  • Prerequisites
  • Governance
  • Documentation and situation analysis
  • Sensitive personal data
  • Governing documents and guidelines
  • Processors
  • Transfers
  • Information and consent
  • Rights of the data subjects
  • Training
  • Security measures